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Training Certification

Safety for you.
Safety for your vehicle.
Safety for our employees.
Safety for bystanders and passing motorists.

Safety is our #1 priority and at Consolidated Towing it all starts with training and certification.

From 4 point tie-downs to our high visibility signature orange uniforms, vests, and trucks, to our national safe driver Coaching For One course……we are all about being safe.

Each of our drivers has not only passed a rigorous in-house training regime, but many are nationally certified operators with Wreckmaster and TRAA–the two leading & most recognized programs for certification in the United States.

Additionally, we have regular updates and online training from manufacturers concerning new vehicles such as:

  • Porsche
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • VW

Most importantly, whether it’s the old family sedan or your fully restored classic, we treat every vehicle like it’s worth millions!