Call a Tow Truck Near You

Helpful Tips

Please have the following information ready when you call:
  • Make, Model, Year and Color of vehicle.
  • If an RV, the length and height of your coach and whether
    it’s a “puller or pusher”.
  • Location of breakdown, including: address, cross streets, major landmarks, mile post numbers and direction of travel.
  • If needing a tow, nature of breakdown: engine, transmission,
    wheel, etc.
  • Tow destination, including address and name of repair shop
    or dealership.
  • Number of passengers intending to ride with our driver (max of 2).
  • When you would like service. Might sound silly, but not every call is an emergency and can be scheduled hours or days in advance!
  • If possible, put your hood up. It helps our driver to spot you easier. Especially in a crowded parking lot. Whether you need a tow, tire change or jump start. Put your hood up.
  • Be sure to “flag our driver down” when you see them approaching. They are watching for many things and your “attention getting actions” always help them to spot you.
  • Stay near the phone and provide a good call back number. Our ETA could be sooner than expected or we might be delayed.
  • If you have a flat tire, drive to a SAFE location. Do not risk life or limb on the highway if you can safely pull off the road. Better to risk a tire & rim than getting hit by a passing vehicle.
  • Remember, if you are waiting for service on a flat tire, the engine still works. If you’re cold, keep the heat on. If it’s hot, run the air conditioning. It may seem silly to remind you of this, but we hear it all the time where people forget because they are so “out of the norm” waiting for service.
  • Do not attempt “homemade” methods to unlock your vehicle. Wait for professional help to arrive. Sticking a coat hanger inside your door could cause serious damage to sensitive components.
  • Realize that once on scene, our driver has a priority of concerns: Number 1 being your safety. If on an accident scene, number 2 is clearing the roadway. Please be patient and let them take care of these two items first before trying to discuss tow destinations or payment concerns.
  • The safest place for you is INSIDE THE CAB of our tow truck. Many people like to watch the hook-up and if possible, we love to show our stuff. But if our driver directs you to sit in the cab, please understand this is for your safety.
  • Our drivers are certified and trained professionals. Although you may want to assist, please let them do their job and only offer assistance when asked. More than likely, they will call for another driver to assist if necessary rather than jeopardize your safety or the safety of your vehicle.
  • For vehicle winch outs and recovery operations, please remember that your vehicle “made noise” getting stuck on the rocks it is entirely likely it will “make noise” coming off the rocks. However, every effort will be made to avoid secondary damage to your vehicle.
  • If at any time you are not comfortable with a service being provided, please call our office ASAP at 541-389-8080. There is always a supervisor on duty. If they are not immediately available, you will be contacted within the hour by someone who can help.