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Driver Application

TEAM ORANGE is always accepting applications for qualified individuals.

Please read the following job description before contacting us regarding employment. Should you decide to complete an application, there will be one you can download and complete in your own handwriting for submission at the end of each job description.

Applications can be emailed or delivered by hand. All applications require a signature, so will eventually need to be signed. We love “in person” delivery, so we can put a face with a name whenever possible. Although resumes are always appreciated, they cannot be accepted in lieu of a completed application.

Before we can schedule an interview, we must have a completed application and MVR (motor vehicle record) from DMV on file.


Towing operators perform a variety of services for the motoring public. Roadside assistance calls can include changing a flat tire, jump starting a vehicle or performing lockout service. Tow calls may include passenger cars, pickup trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, RV’s, dump trucks, box trucks or semi-trucks.

Contrary to what most people believe, most of the calls we respond to are NOT accidents. The majority of requests are actually vehicle breakdowns or transport from one location to another.

Service / tow requests come from a variety of sources. Those sources include the motoring public, 3rd party (roadside assistance) companies, fleet or maintenance personnel and law enforcement. Roadside breakdowns are never planned, and some require a response no matter what the time of day or night. We maintain staffing overnight to respond to the true “emergency” calls that require assistance. Limitations and laws regarding hours of service do impact on our ability to run any/every call, but all calls are prioritized and dispatched based on urgency, staffing and location.

Tow calls are also often “seasonal” in nature. Winter brings the increase of “return to road” calls where a vehicle has become stuck in the snow or has slid off the maintained road. Summer often finds the motoring public operating recreational vehicles and motorcycles. Regardless, we help them all.

Our response area is primarily Bend and Central Oregon, but again, we cannot control where our customers need help. Towing is done locally and long distance, which can include taking vehicles to/from the Portland and Willamette Valley area.


Becoming a tow operator can be very rewarding work. Drivers can go to sleep at night knowing that they have tangibly helped someone in need every day. Finding this satisfaction can, however, come at a price with sometimes long hours. As required by contracts and our desire to help motorists, regardless of the time of day, drivers may have to respond to an emergency call even after they have put in a full day’s work. Drivers will be “on call” for several nights during their work week.

Team Orange is a moniker that encompasses everyone in the company. We work each and every day as a team, talking back and forth about virtually every tow call on any given shift. Supervisors are available 24/7 to answer questions when needed. It is important that drivers realize that not every situation is “controlled by the clock” and there are times when it will be necessary to stay on duty to finish a call.

Applicants should enjoy:

  • Driving…and lots of it! Many hours will be spent behind the wheel
  • Working outdoors in a variety of weather conditions
  • Dealing with the public
  • Working both independently and as a team

Smoking is prohibited in company vehicles and is permitted on the premises only in the designated smoking area.

Drivers will be in a clean uniform at the beginning of each shift. Full uniforms (pants, shirts, coats and hats) are provided.

Employees of Consolidated Towing must possess a high level of integrity. We pride ourselves on vehicle security in/out of the storage yard. Customers place absolute trust in you for the care and custody of their vehicles and possessions. If theft or the temptation of theft is an issue, then this is NOT the job for you!

Fleet trucks are maintained to the highest standards, and as such are washed regularly. Inside or out, the truck needs to look “new” when a customer approaches. During the winter, you can STILL see the shine of our orange trucks going down the road.

Paperwork is a requirement of the job. Accuracy and legibility are a must. Paperwork is completed daily for billing, truck inspections and time sheets. In addition to this, drivers use smartphones for relaying information, finding locations and updating their status on jobs.

As Central Oregon’s largest and most recognized towing company, we are typically busy, responding to thousands of calls per year. In order to fulfill our obligations, we have high expectations for punctuality and attendance.


Towing is a 24/7 business, and as such, we must always have drivers available. We run drivers on a variety of scheduled shifts. Schedules are not rotating but set in advance when hired.

Most drivers work 4/10-hour shifts with staggered start times. These shifts allow for 3 consecutive days off, providing the ability to enjoy a “life beyond Consolidated.”

We are required to have drivers “on call” each night, but the goal is to allow this to occur so that you have time to be home and with your family. Drivers are called out on an “as needed” basis after hours and are paid from the time they leave their house until the time they return. Most drivers run between 1 and 3 nights of call shift per week and are always off the last night of their week.

Given the essential on call shifts, drivers can expect between 3-5 hours of overtime each week.


TEAM ORANGE pays hourly, not straight commission. When not running calls, drivers are either at the shop washing trucks, equipment, auction cars or “staged” at their home waiting for a call. This luxury allows drivers to take their truck home and be paid while waiting for jobs to do.

In addition to regular reviews and raises, Consolidated Towing also provides bonuses for the following:

  • Employment signing bonus (with minimum of 90 days employment)
  • Employee of the month
  • Employee of the year
  • Employment anniversary bonus ($100 for every year)
  • A raise in base pay ($1/hr.) with TRAA certification
    • 40 hours after 1 year
    • 80 hours after 3 years
    • 120 hours after 5 years


  • Applicants must be a minimum of 25 years of age (insurance requirement)
  • Must possess a clean MVR (motor vehicle record); going back 3 years
  • Must be able to pass an extensive 15-year criminal background check, which is done at the interview stage
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds
  • Must be able to pass pre-employment drug screening and is subject to random testing throughout employment
  • Applicant must provide their own work boots