Call a Tow Truck Near You

Consolidated Towing is always accepting applications for qualified individuals.

Please read the following job descriptions before contacting us regarding employment. Should you decide to complete an application, there will be one you can download and complete in your own handwriting for submission at the end of each job description.

Applications must be faxed, mailed or delivered by hand. We do not accept online or emailed applications. Although resumes are always appreciated, they cannot be accepted in lieu of a completed application.

Driver || Dispatcher

Before an interview can be done, we must have a completed application and MVR (motor vehicle record) from DMV on file. Although a resume is always appreciated, our application must be completed in full and in your own handwriting.


Towing operators perform towing and road assistance calls for various customers:

  • Fleet (Fed-Ex, Qwest, U-Haul, etc)

  • Shops (auto body, dealership, general repair, etc)

  • Police (state, county, city)

  • Retail (cash, check, visa or master card)

  • Motor clubs (AAA, Allstate, etc.)

  • Insurance (State Farm, Geico, Progressive, etc.)

Tow calls might include passenger cars, pickup trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, or various trailers. A call might require towing a combination of the disabled vehicle and it’s pull trailer ie: camper, boat or utility trailer. Sometimes you will be asked to tow various pieces of equipment such as a forklift.

Contrary to what you might think, most of the calls we respond to are not accidents. Yes, we do those types of calls but the majority of the requests for assistance are for vehicle transport from a home or business parking lot to a repair facility.

Consolidated prides itself on being “the good guys in orange” and therefore we do not do repossessions (REPOS).

Road assistance calls are usually run by the service driver and include changing a flat tire, performing lockout service, jump starting a vehicle or selling and installing a battery if necessary. Other duties will include providing passenger transport or assistance with traffic control (safety) on a call already in progress for a tow truck driver.

During the winter, we often perform a “return to road” service for motorists who have become stuck or have slid off the main roadway. Simply getting them back on the road is all that is required before sending them on their way. Sometimes the job is more complex and an all out recovery is needed followed by a tow.

Our response and coverage area for towing is primarily in Bend, but we do respond to all of Central Oregon and beyond for some customers. Towing will mostly be done across Bend, but you may take a vehicle to Burns, Portland, Salem or Eugene, etc.


Becoming a tow operator can be very rewarding work. You can go to sleep every night knowing that you tangibly helped someone in need every day. However, towing can be very tiring. The hours are long and the expectations are high. You will be required to respond (when on call) to someone in need of our assistance during the wee hours of the morning, even if you have already put in a full day’s work.

Towing is a 24/7 business. Applicants may have been hired for a particular shift, but staffing demands may require immediate but temporary schedule changes due to illness, semi-truck wrecks, time off requests, staffing shortages, etc.

Applicants should like:

  • Driving and lots of it. Many hours will be spent behind the wheel.

  • Working in adverse weather conditions: rain, snow, hot, cold, etc.

  • Dealing with the public.

  • Working independently and as a team.

Our drivers are required to be clean-shaven (beards, mustaches, and goatees must be neatly trimmed) but “stubble” from lack of daily shaving is unacceptable. Failure to shave will result in being sent home. Hair must be kept short, and off the collar and ears.

Tattoos must be covered while on duty.

Body jewelry on drivers (nose, tongue, ear or otherwise) is not permissible while on duty. Wedding rings or wristwatches are okay.

Smoking is prohibited in company vehicles and is permitted on the premises only in the designated smoking area.

Drivers will be required to wear a clean uniform (provided) while on duty.

Drivers must possess a high level of integrity. If you cannot resist the temptation for theft, then this is NOT the job for you! Customers will be placing absolute trust in you for the care and custody of their vehicles and possessions.

Company vehicles are to be kept immaculate. We wash our trucks daily!

Paperwork is a requirement of this job. Accuracy and legibility is a must. Paperwork will be completed daily for billing, truck inspections, and keeping an accurate time sheet.

Consolidated Towing is the largest and most recognized towing company in Central Oregon. We are typically very busy, often responding to more than 14,000 calls per year, as a result, we have high expectations for punctuality and attendance.


Towing is a 24/7 business and we must always have drivers available. However, Consolidated is committed to providing a life outside of work and we try to provide you with the time off needed to maintain “a life beyond Consolidated”.

Most of our drivers work 4/10 shifts with 3 consecutive days off. Start times vary from 7am to 9am depending on the shift.

We also have a couple drivers who work Swing (6pm to midnight) and Graveyard (midnight to 7am) five days a week.

Every night we must have drivers “on call” to back up the graveyard or swing drivers, but the goal is to have you be home and with your family. Weekend shifts are the longest hours but usually lighter in call volume. Most of the time, drivers are not running less than (1) or more than (3) nights “on call”. Details about the schedule can be answered at the interview stage or you can call and ask about which shift we are currently hiring for and what hours it entails.

In general, drivers can expect five to ten hours of overtime each week.


At Consolidated Towing, we pay hourly (no commission*). When not running calls, Light Duty drivers are “staged” around town at designated locations to reduce response time. You are paid to “sit and wait” and many drivers will read, watch DVD’s or clean and detail their trucks. If you are not assigned to a staging area by dispatch, there are always chores and various projects going on back at our facility such as cleaning auction cars, washing your truck, etc.

*Our service drivers are also battery technicians who sell and install batteries. We pay hourly and a commission bonus on battery sales. Drivers who do private property impounds are also paid hourly and receive a commission bonus for vehicles that are picked up.

When not towing, there are always auction cars to be cleaned and detailed if you are not staged. We offer a bonus incentive to clean auction cars where a commission is paid based upon the amount the vehicle sold for at auction. The thing to remember is that our commission programs reward productivity. They are merely a bonus and should not be factored in as a main source of income.

In addition to regular reviews and raises, Consolidated Towing also rewards bonuses for the following:

  • Employment signing bonus (with min of 90 days employment)

  • Employee of the month

  • Monthly ATA (actual time of arrival) performance

  • Highest monthly call volume

  • A raise in base pay ($1.00/hr) with TRAA certification

  • Employment Anniversary Bonus ($100 for every year)

Paid vacations are for full time (40 hrs / week) employees and you are encouraged to take time off every year as a reward for the hard work you have put in. Paid vacation is awarded as follows:

  • After one year / 40 hrs of paid vacation

  • After three years / 80 hrs of paid vacation

  • After five years / 120 hrs of paid vacation


  • Due to very strict insurance policies, Consolidated has minimum age requirements that cannot be negotiated: 24 for tow operators and 21 for entry level service drivers.
  • Applicant must posses a clean driving record approved by our insurance carrier. The MVR (motor vehicle record) from DMV must go back 3 years and include both personal and employment driving histories. A commercial license (CDL) is beneficial but not necessary for light duty or entry-level service drivers.
  • Applicant must pass a 15 year criminal background check, which will be done once you reach the interview stage.
  • Applicant must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  • Applicant will be required to perform a pre-employment drug screen after the interview and background check.
  • All drivers are subject to a random drug screening throughout the course of their employment.
  • No experience in towing is necessary.
  • Applicant must provide their own work boots, work gloves and rain gear.
  • The purchase of three-season coat will be split between the driver and company.
  • Uniform shirts, pants safety vest and hat are required and will be provided by the company.