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Our Team

Our Team

Our team is second to none.


In the early days it was just Mike. Today we average 20 employees at any given time.

At Consolidated, we pride ourselves on employee satisfaction and tenure. Most of our staff
members have been with us OVER A DECADE! Towing and recovery jobs come with the
knowledge that the phone rings 24/7, and while we have dispatchers on duty at all hours of the
day/night, gone are the days of old, where drivers took a truck home every day and were on call
every night.

Most of the staff work 4/10 workweeks, which allows for more time to enjoy life in Central
Oregon, where the high desert meets the Cascade Mountains. We work hard when we need to,
but the staff is still able to enjoy vacations and time away. Management is not afraid to say “Go
home! I know you love this place, but you need a life beyond Consolidated. We don’t expect
you to bleed orange!”

We also believe that first and foremost, it is the character and “teach-ability” of a potential new
hire or employee that matters most. We place a high value on integrity and work ethic. Previous
towing experience is a bonus, but in many cases is not essential. Candidates and employees
alike can always learn to do things the “Consolidated Way!”

To drive an orange truck and be a part of our team of everyday heroes is no easy task.

Applicants must pass an extensive 15-year criminal background check and have a clean MVR
(motor vehicle record) before even being considered for a job.

These factors alone should help assure you of your safety and the safety of your vehicle. When
a member of TEAM ORANGE arrives on that lonely stretch of highway, day or night, your
problems are well on their way to being solved.