Call a Tow Truck Near You

Our Team

In the early days, there was just Mike. Today, we maintain a staff of 25 to 30 employees at any given time.

Many companies in this industry have a “turn & burn” mentality with no regard for a driver’s welfare much beyond that of slave labor. Granted, when Mike was able to hire his first couple of employees, time off was a precious commodity. Driver’s were pretty much on call ALL the time. Two consecutive days off were a dream!

Not so today. We firmly believe in taking care of our employees and reward them with vacations and bonuses. You will often hear management say, “Go home! I know you love this place but you need a life beyond Consolidated. We don’t expect you to bleed orange!”

We also believe that first and foremost, it is the character and “teach-ability” of a potential new hire that matters most. Not previous towing experience. We place a high value on integrity and work ethic.

To wear the orange uniform and be part of our team of everyday heroes is no easy task. Applicants must pass an extensive 15 year criminal background check with over 3 pages of disqualifying crimes.

This alone should help assure you of your safety and those of your loved ones when help arrives in an orange chariot late at night or in the wee hours of the morning on a lone stretch of highway.

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