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Auctions FAQ

We announce auction dates well in advance on our Facebook page.

Mark your calendar and we’ll see you there!

Frequent Auction questions

Over the years we have seen cars go for as little as $50 and as high as $16,000. However, the average price is usually between $400 and $600. Some vehicles may go lower, or some higher. Typically speaking, people who plan to resell or flip the cars want to pay less. People wanting a car to drive will spend more.

We usually have about 50-100 registered bidders, but nobody comes alone. Auction attendees are usually double that number. Remember, not all who show up are there to bid, so don’t be intimidated. It’s an auction—you never know how it’s going to unfold. That is part of the excitement.

The number is variable. We usually have a minimum of 13 vehicles at any given auction. The average number runs more like 20, which is based on space available.

Not usually. If the auction has been postponed, cancelled, or we find something drastically wrong with a vehicle that makes it unsellable, we might add or remove vehicles. This is rare. The final list is the one that is given on the day of the auction.

Not all cars that come into our possession will go up for auction. Most are picked up by the owner or insurance company. Some vehicles may be repossessed by the lending institution. And still, many are deemed to have scrap value only which means that only a select few are suitable for auction.

NO. We do not sell cars like a used car lot. We do not have our dealer’s license and are limited by law to selling vehicles at public auction. Auction days are Saturday and are posted on Facebook well in advance.

NO. You purchase the whole vehicle. As is. The vehicle must be removed from our facility before any work can be done to the vehicle. If you dismantle the car for parts, it is your responsibility to legally dispose of what is left.

Yes, registration is free and is done the day of the auction.

In the state of Oregon, you must be at least 18 years old to list your name as a vehicle owner. As a minor attending the auction, you must have an adult present that will be listed on the paperwork.

Parking is limited to 9th street. Attendees cannot block our driveway or those of our neighbors. If you plan to bring a trailer to haul a purchased vehicle, you might consider coming back later with the trailer to get your vehicle due to space limitations.

The vehicles are lined up near our lower gate at the yard and can be VIEWED only prior to auction day. On auction day, the preview time runs for 2 hours prior to the start of the auction. This period of time is when you are allowed to get IN to the vehicles and look under the hood. Not all the vehicles will run. All known problems will be disclosed. We do not allow “tinkering” by the public on the vehicles to get them started. If a vehicle does not start, ask for assistance from an employee.

Not all vehicles have keys, but if they do and you want to use them to start a vehicle, you will be asked to exchange YOUR car keys for the keys to the auction vehicle you are previewing. Your keys will be returned when you turn in the keys to the vehicle you were previewing. There are some vehicles that will not need a key. These have been “hotwired” or have the ignition punched out and a key is not necessary. Your auction list will denote whether a vehicle has keys or not.

NO. You may start the vehicle, but insurance liability prevents us from allowing test drives. Vehicles that run and drive will be driven by our staff immediately prior to the start of the auction for all to see.

As of Jan 1, 2004, stickers must be removed from the plates. We highly recommend that you either re-register the vehicle or get a trip permit before driving a vehicle away. We do not sell trip permits. Driving the vehicle away from our yard without registration is done at your own risk.

The verbal auction begins immediately following the posted 2-hour preview time. Check Facebook to confirm the time prior to auction. Vehicles are auctioned in the order they are listed on the final bidder sheets given out at registration. Due to attendance levels and lack of space, auctions are held outside, rain or shine.

Each vehicle starts with an opening bid of $50.

Bidding goes in incremental amounts as follows:

  • $50 to $500 – $25 increments
  • $500 to $1000 – $50 increments
  • Over $1000 – $100 increments

If a vehicle is going to obviously sell for a much higher amount, bidders may throw out a number to jump the vehicle’s bid rapidly. The auctioneer will proceed from that bid. The auctioneer reserves the right to determine when the bid is FINAL. Once SOLD is announced, the bidding for that vehicle is over.

Not typically. We will accept phone-in opening bids from recognized regular buyers. A “recognized regular buyer” is at the sole discretion of Consolidated Towing management. This practice does NOT happen often. The auctioneer will announce a phone in bid at the start of the auction and again immediately prior to the bidding on that vehicle. A phone in bid precludes the starting bid of $50, and the auction will proceed from the point of the phone in bid.

Occasionally the owner or management will be interested in a vehicle but will still allow it to go up for auction. Employees are not given preferential treatment for vehicles that are in the auction.

We give repeated announcements regarding which vehicle is being auctioned. It is the bidder’s responsibility to pay attention during the auction. If you have made this mistake, you must pay $50 or 20% of the selling price, whichever is greater to maintain good standing. Failure to pay will result in being banned from future auctions and may also result in refusal of other future roadside assistance services.

We accept cash and ALL major credit cards. Full payment is expected IMMEDIATELY following the auction.

Yes. Buyers using a debit card need to advise their bank ahead of time when planning to buy a vehicle. Banks typically have a $500 limit on debit card purchases.

Failure to make full payment within 1 hour immediately following the auction will result in the vehicle being moved to our inner yard. A relocation fee will be assessed along with a fine for each hour you are late until 5 pm on the day of the auction. After 5 pm, a daily storage fee will apply. Failure to settle up and pay for the vehicle after 72 hours will result in a cancelled sale. Consolidated Towing will determine the further disposition of the vehicle. Failure to pay will result in being banned from future auctions and may also result in refusal of other future roadside assistance services.

No, you will receive a bill of sale from us along with the necessary lien paperwork that allows you to register the vehicle in your name with DMV. Vehicles that were NOT registered in Oregon, require a trip to DMV with the vehicle for a VIN inspection.

NO! We will not issue paperwork in the name of any person who is NOT physically present and registered as a bidder. No exceptions!

No. Just keep your bidder number handy as the auctioneer works their way through the list. Pay attention and speak up if you are not getting noticed when you try to bid. Be mindful of your hands and body motions that might be interpreted as a bid when it is not what you intended. If you plan to leave the auction before it is over, exit quietly without distracting others.

Removal of the vehicles should be done immediately following the auction unless other arrangements with management have been made. The gate is open for several hours following the end of the auction. No vehicle is released until the matching paperwork is presented to a Consolidated Towing employee on the lot. Arrangements may include a tow or a plan to pick up the vehicle later, which means that we will move the vehicle into our inner lot for secure storage. Vehicles not picked up within 72 hours will be forfeited or charged daily storage unless prior arrangements have been made.

We will make every attempt to secure vehicles and prevent damage or theft. However, we assume no liability for vehicles or their contents before, during, or after the auction. Should damage or theft occur while the vehicle is still in our possession because you failed to take it away immediately following the auction, Consolidated Towing, Inc. will not be held responsible.

Removal of the vehicles is expected immediately following payment. Usually, you have a couple of hours on the day of the auction. However, if you have purchased multiple vehicles or need to make other arrangements, discuss your options with Consolidated management. If you have not made arrangements and the vehicle is still on our property after 5 pm on the day of the auction, we will relocate it to our inner yard ($50 fee) and begin charging $40 per day for storage. Even if you have already paid for the vehicle if you fail to keep us notified of your intentions these fees will apply and must be paid prior to releasing the vehicle. If, after 72 hours, we are still in possession of “your” vehicle and the fees have not been paid, we will begin the lien process for a Private Property Impound and more fees will be incurred. In short, pick up your vehicle immediately following payment or make arrangements with Consolidated management….not just any employee in an orange vest!

NO. Working on vehicles on our property is strictly prohibited. Labor to remove vehicles is limited to jump starts, changing a tire or adding gas.

Many people come back with a trailer or car dolly to remove their purchase. You can also arrange with management to have your vehicle towed. These tows are done at a reduced rate and at our convenience. Requests for immediate service will result in paying the full RETAIL rate for towing.

Yes and no. If we have staff available, we may be able to assist. Free help releases Consolidated Towing, Inc of any/all liability for the purchased vehicle, the trailer or dolly that are being used for transport.

There is a fee for processing a request for duplicate paperwork. You must be able to provide the MAKE, MODEL, YEAR, PLATE and DATE of the auction to get duplicate paperwork. Paperwork will only be issued to the original individual who purchased the vehicle according to our records. Duplicate paperwork requests are completed within 7 days and payment must be made in advance.

Every attempt will be made to hold an auction once it is scheduled. There is always the possibility of a cancellation due to weather conditions, illness or another business situation beyond our control. We will do our best to make an timely announcement if this happens, but feel free to call our office at 541-389-8080 to confirm that the auction is on schedule.

Consolidated Towing, Inc. does not limit the number of vehicles you purchase, but there may be restrictions according to DMV on the number of vehicles you purchase and sell every year without obtaining a dealer’s license. Consolidated Towing, Inc. reports all vehicle purchases to DMV.

The vehicle was towed by order of the police for being left (abandoned) on a public roadway. Given that, Consolidated Towing typically has NO idea what might be wrong with the vehicle.

This is Private Property tow for a vehicle that was towed at the request of a landlord or property owner for being abandoned or illegally parked on their property.

The vehicle was towed by order of the police because the driver did not have valid registration or insurance or was driving under the influence. We know that most of these vehicles run, given that fact that it was going down the road when the driver was pulled over.

The vehicle was towed because it was involved in an accident and likely has damage to some part of the vehicle.

NONE. Vehicles purchased at auction are sold AS IS, WHERE IS. There is no warranty expressed, written or implied. There are NO refunds once a vehicle has been purchased. All sales are FINAL.

NO. The vehicles in the yard are there for many reasons, and most never end up being auctioned. Visitors are prohibited from entering the storage yard.