Call a Tow Truck Near You


In the Spring of 1988, Mike convinced his wife, Joanne, to buy into this great “opportunity”. With two trucks and half of another for parts, Consolidated Towing, Inc. was founded.

Old truck 1, the infamous “Happy Hooker” is still with us today although she is now painted our signature orange. Legend is that years ago, the twin booms had two sexy pin-up girls painted on them…hence the “hooker” moniker.

The “girls” are a thing of the past and it’s been years since someone has actually requested the Happy Hooker, but it’s a good story just the same.

Mike worked long hard hours building Consolidated’s three “A” reputation:

Anything, Anytime, Anywhere.

Today we’ve added a fourth “A” to the original three:


Family owned and operated, Consolidated Towing is proud to be one of the many companies still providing steady employment here in Central Oregon.

Big Name, Small Town Service – our everyday heroes in orange are always ready to serve you!